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MJNA – Medical Marijuana Inc

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA stock name) is the first publicly held company in the medical marijuana /industrial hemp sectors. The company is comprised of a diversified portfolio of hemp and cannabis based businesses. These businesses range from hydroponic stores, to pharmaceutical compounds derived legally from the hemp plant.

Due to the rapidly changing legal and political environments that surround marijuana and hemp in the United States, Medical Marijuana Inc. has underwent a series of major reforms since their initial launch. This ability to change has been one of the corner stones of MJNA’s success in laying a much stronger foundation from which the industry can prosper.

Originally focused on providing educational seminars on medical marijuana and supporting the industry through technology, with compliance tracking software for mom and pop dispensaries. The companies role within the industry quickly shifted gears.
In 2014, MJNA has targeted its focus on several aspects of the medicinal and industrial markets and has laid a solid foundation for its growth worldwide.

MJNA has a strategic unparalleled advantage to capitalize on this market in the form of its partnership with CannaBank, the global hemp investment firm specializing in the capitalization, development and acquisition of hemp based businesses.

These companies have a broad, diverse and significant shareholder base. CannaBank’s parent company is Hemp Deposit and Distribution Corporation which is a major shareholder of MJNA. Strategically this is advantageous to the company because CannaBank locates, capitalizes and covers the majority of the expense in sourcing and developing these companies from due diligence through acquisition. Once developed, the asset is then transferred to the MJNA portfolio.

To date CannaBank has one of the most extensive databases of national and international marijuana and hemp laws, bands, moratoriums, approval processes, licensing requirements and the history within each country, state, county and city. The company actively tracks more than one hundred and fifty public and private companies who have expressed interest in, have invested in or are developing hemp based products. Its database also includes over five thousand hydroponic stores, three thousand dispensaries, collectives and delivery services as well as other supporting businesses such as online sales sites.

MJNA Subsidiaries


Dixie Elixirs and Edibles
The Dixie Elixirs series of products consist of six unique and carefully formulated product lines of well over forty medicinal hemp infused products including medicated beverages and tonics, hemp capsules, medicated lozenges and edibles, as well as a full line of topicals and salves as part of the Dixie botanicals line of products which was recently featured on National Geographic’s series American Weed.As one of the World’s most recognized medicinal hemp brands, Dixie is currently in over 400 retail locations in Colorado alone and expanding rapidly. Dixie focuses on the development of innovated medically and socially acceptable delivery methods. Dixie is licensing their formulas, delivery methods and technology to other socially conscious companies in an effort to rapidly expand their distribution base.

PhytoSPHERE Systems
PhytoSphere Systems is the worlds leading cannabinoid based biotechnology company that builds and develops technologies and deploys them in state of the art facilities that are self contained highly efficient, safe, pollutant free cultivation, extraction and production facilities for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

PhytoSPHERE’s highly efficient growth, packaging and extraction technologies provides clients a compact, safe, pollutant-free facility which will allow it to:

• Greatly increase plant production through yields that significantly exceed traditional methods.
• Completely control the cultivation environment resulting in superior plant growth, uniform strain purity, quality crop production, and year-round production potential.
• Reduce per-unit costs compared to traditional methods by eliminating the use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
• Produce Pharmaceutical grade extracts.
• Establish antibacterial environments and packaging systems.
Control post production processing with proprietary standardization methods.

PhytoSPHERE’s three core technologies consist of:

I) A module that places rows of plants perpendicular to an interior light source, which helps accelerate the growth rate and efficiency of the particular plant that is being cultivated.

II) Computer operated sprayers ensure even distribution of nutrient feeding solutions to the crops resulting in an abundance of plants with strong, compact, and multi-directional growth. This state-of-the-art technology is fully contained, meaning crops can be grown year-round in any location using precise combinations of light, water, and nutrients to maximize production.

III) A proprietary antibacterial product clipping, curing and packaging system, allowing for a truly pharmaceutical grade method of cultivation.

An extraction and production process for cannabinoid based compounds derived from the cannabis plant, which uses standardized processes and technology to create the world’s leading pharmaceutical grade extracts.

The Hemp Network
The Hemp Network is a division of MJNA that sells hemp products directly to thousands of hemp network distributors. The company, since a change in management had occurred, has been upgrading its website, sales tools, communication managers and product array for the re-launch of The Hemp Network 2.0 in the first quarter of 2012. THN has five proprietary products and is currently in negotiations to acquire several other online hemp sales and community sites, these sites, products and members will be integrated into THN portfolio, enabling THN to expand its product and distributor base significantly. Membership benefits include an affiliate option, a multi-level marketing option where members can earn an income from buying and selling products. THN also serve as a platform from which other products from other companies can be launched.

HEMP Compounds
The Hemp Compounds division of MJNA is focused on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and nutraceutical raw materials market. The division is actively sourcing specific hemp genetic profiles. These profiles include hemp strains with low or no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) properties, to strains with high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). HC is currently negotiating the purchase of several proprietary genetically altered varieties as well as the agricultural production facilities. The HC materials can then be added to existing products sold to or through THN, or directly to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. In conjunction with CB, HC is in the final stages of negotiations for the purchase of additional suppliers of genetics and the raw base material for additional production it the hemp based compounds such as Cannabidiol (CBD).

MMI Technology
A cloud based solutions, MMI is seeking investment opportunities for sales sites and feeder sites specifically in for the cannabis and hemp industry. Leveraging CB’s in depth database on all subjects related to hemp and cannabis. MMIT is working with strategic partners to develop the most comprehensive information source ranging from hemp and cannabis strain usage, crop cost, crop cycles, history of genetics, origins of genetics, efficacy, strain stability, climate and yields. MMIT is currently in negotiations for the acquisition and roll up of several technology solutions that are serving the needs of the medical and industrial hemp markets. In addition to the cloud base information solutions MMIT is also negotiating the purchase of several online sales sites that service the equipment, product, and hydroponic markets.

MMI Biotechnology
Seeking acquisition opportunities in biotechnology and equipment that service the needs of the hemp agricultural and medicinal technology industry. This includes hemp extraction methods, processes techniques, technology as well as equipment. In conjunction with CB, MMIB currently has an equipment development and manufacturing company it is underwriting for a possible purchase.

Wellness Managed Services
As a wholly owned subsidiary of MJNA that acquires management services contracts for medical clinics and is currently under contract to purchase several hydroponic stores. The sellers of the stores have a few options: one option is to stay on as a store partner-operator, the second option is to sell the store completely and be hired on as a manager and the last is to simply sell the store to WMS without any long term management requirements. Once acquired WMS will control its supply, technology, accounting, marketing, advertising and most important its purchasing power.

WMS stores will have a significant advantage over non WMS stores, because WMS stores will have a single source for purchasing products and will receive a larger discount price from a single or small franchise chain, WMS will be able to offer a wider selection of products. The stores will have joint inventory management systems, joint online sales site and as MMIT acquires additional online sales sites and feeder sites, those sales, products and services will eventually be funneled to the WMS online sales site which jointly handles inventory, financing and shipping. WMS currently has two medical management contracts, the first has nearly seven thousand patients, and the second has nearly twelve hundred patients. WMS is actively negotiating additional agreements.

Currently in the underwriting phase, the CannaFuel sector is targeting several hemp bio-fuel and alternative to coal burning bio-mass opportunities. It is important to note that as we develop our other businesses, such as HEMP compounds or products developed for THN, the waste produced is a high-value bio-mass, which yields when converted to bio-fuel nearly three times as much per acre as conventional corn based ethanol. As well as being a high value bio-mass product for bio-fuel, this waste also is a great alternative to the coal fire energy plants. Coal with its non-renewable, non-sustainable and non-ecofriendly attributes can be replaced by a renewable, sustainable, ecofriendly and even in some cases carbon negative, hemp.

The Future For MJNA

One of the most exciting aspects of this industry is the fact that it already exists. This is not a new industry, but one that has been around for thousands of years, we have taken the time to understand the applications of marijuana and hemp, from its medical properties to its industrial applications, from legal process to political hurdles, and have chosen a very straight forward approach to investing in this industry. We are acquiring and developing businesses that already exist and support the industry. We do not see the negative headlines on marijuana dispensaries as a deterrent to investing in legally produced hemp products.

We actually see this constant negative as a positive for MJNA’s growth, because it deters others from looking past the surface of the industry and allows MJNA to purchase these cash flow positive businesses without real competition. The market is fractured, an example is that there is over five thousand hydroponics stores worldwide and no major chain, there are millions of patients and little to no services, there are only a hand full of builders using industrial hemp to build, yet it is the most sustainable eco-friendly building material, the largest in the industry currently only does four and a half million dollars per year. What all of these businesses have in common is the fact that hemp is used, its growing in demand and there is not a centralized vehicle in which the industry can grow, we believe that MJNA is that vehicle as do the partners from CannaBank and the shareholders that have invested thus far.

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