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Biotech Stocks Penny Stocks To Watch

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Biotechnology stocks are amongst the most exciting in the world.

These are companies that are literally changing the world as we know it today. Through in-depth research and development projects, many of these companies are delving into the medical marijuana sector to better understand how cannabis can be used at the forefront of today’s medical industry.

Biotech stocks are often included in every penny stock list because they have shown to be very profitable investments. We have compiled a list of the best biotech penny stocks to watch for in 2020.

Cannabis Science Inc.

cannabis science

Cannabis Science Inc (CBIS) is always an interesting stock to watch. This company has so much potential and has been on our radar for quite some time. Cannabis Science has a lot of major points that need to be discussed. These points include:

  • Current Rate: 0.071
  • Yearly Starting Price: 0.08

Now, at first glance, it would seem that the stock is on the decline, but this definitely does not tell the entire story for this company. Instead, these statistics will shed some light on why we have added this stock to our watch list:

  • Yearly High: .293
  • Yearly Increase: 37.86 percent

For the majority of the year, the stock’s price was above .125 and for many months, the price was above .15. As recent as last month, the stock was sitting at .087. This stock will rise again in the coming year.

Cannabis Science Inc is not profitable as of yet as they are still very much in the research phase, but this does not stop them from headlining our list. The company is scheduled to sponsor the International Conference on Cannabinoids this year and is in talks to purchase a company in British Columbia that has been providing medical marijuana in Canada.

Medical Marijuana Inc.

medical marijuana inc

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) is another fascinating company. The best part is that this company deals with a myriad of marijuana-related processes and products. As the name suggests, the company does deal with the medical marijuana industry.

The company had the following:

  • Current Rate: 0.147
  • Yearly Starting Price: .019

The stock is down for the year which may be a concern for some investors, but you would be hard pressed to find marijuana stocks that have not fluctuated greatly throughout the year. Medical Marijuana Inc. is just one of the many companies that have seen prices skyrocket, tumble and eventually level out to higher levels since the industry really started to pick up traction.

The company has made our list for the following reasons:

  • 52 Week Range: .09 – .48

The company is down 5.48 percent for the year, but seeing a high of .48 could have meant a huge profit for any stockholder. In fact, from the beginning of January all the way through the middle of July, the stock was above the yearly opening price of 0.09.

The biggest benefit to this stock is that there are a lot of smaller subsidiaries that make Medical Marijuana Inc. a well-rounded choice. For instance, they own Wellness Managed Services as well as KannaLife Sciences which was awarded a license with the NIH in August.

The company is growing. The subsidiaries they own and the increase in cannabis legalization will further propel the company’s stock higher in 2015.

Nuvilex, Inc.


Nuvilex, Inc. (NVLX), is another company that is pushing the limits of cannabis research. This company’s biotech stocks have ranged from 0.10 – 0.62 in the past 52 weeks and shows a lot of promise for the company’s future.

Why are we excited about this stock?

  • Current Rate: 0.235
  • Yearly Starting Price: .0115

As you can see, if you invested in the company last year, you would have more than doubled your money. This is unlike the other companies that have made our list. There are also a few other factors that need to be taken into consideration to get the complete picture as to why Nuvilex is a must-watch stock in 2015.

  • Yearly High: .62
  • Yearly Increase: 130.39 percent

This is definitely enough to get even the novice investor excited. The best part is that the current price is a low for this stock with prices hitting as high as 0.325 in July. There are a lot of great factors about this company, and most of them deal directly with the following:

  • Cancer treatments through cannabis
  • Agreement to study cannabis-based treatment granted in May of 2014

The company has shown a lot of promise and profitability over the years. They have also just submitted an application to the European Medicines Agency for a drug that deals with pancreatic cancer. This is a company that is well-rounded and can persist with or without the cannabis industry.

When investing in biotech stocks, you need to ensure that the company has a robust line of developments. Many of the companies on our list have continual research and product developments in the works that make them a great choice. Unfortunately, traversing into the cannabis for medical purposes sector is one that is still unknown. With many of the companies mentioned, they would still fair well even if medical marijuana was not effective.

This is why we believe that all of these marijuana stocks will play a big role in the future of medicine. Looking over each company’s historical data, you will find that most companies saw a major increase in stock price during the beginning of last year with prices hitting highs between February and May.

This is mainly due to the legalization of marijuana and a lot more licenses being provided for cannabis research.